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Happy Valentine's Day from the Ritz

I love Valentine's Day. Not just the flowers and romance part (OK, they ARE nice parts), but because Valentine's Day is a day designed to celebrate love. Even when I was single, I enjoyed the day. I sent flowers to my parents, cookies to my brother. I sent Valentine's day cards to my friends. I bought co-workers boxes of candy. I wore red, even though it's not one of my "better colors" according to some book written back in the '80s.

My client Casey Wohl, author of Girls Getaway Guide to Orlando: Leave Your Baggage at Home, has the same mindset. In fact, she's posted a great list of tips for having a fabulous Valentine's day, even if you're single.

Today, I'm no longer single. I'm happily married. In fact, 10 years ago today, Valentine's day took on an extra special meaning for me. That's the day my husband and I got married. We didn't intentionally plan to get married on Valentine's day, our church was booked on the date we first considered. So we bumped it up a week; still booked; OK, try the week before that...voila'; it was available. Valentine's day just happened to land on a Saturday. Caught up in the excitement of getting married, it slipped by both of us until meeting with the florist who said "your roses are going to be much more expensive that day."

As my husband joked when we realized the magnitude of the situation (the church coordinator actually had couples ask her to see if we'd switch dates with them), at least he'll never forget our anniversary! So, here we are at the Ritz-Carlton celebrating with a few days of R&R (ok, and just a few emails) and looking forward to what life has in store for us over the next ten years and beyond. Whatever it is, it will continue to be a wonderful journey.

Happy Valentine's Day!

posted by Wendy Kurtz on February 14, 2008 11:56 AM

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Happy anniversary Dean and Wendy! Tell me how did you get away with even opening up your computer on your anniversary? If I did that, I'm sure I'd be served divorce papers! LOL!

Posted by: Wayne on February 20, 2008 09:34 AM

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