If you’ve done any research on getting a book published, you already know it is a time-consuming, ardent and lengthy commitment.  Bringing a book to market is a multi-step, multi-phase project.  Writing your book is just one piece of the process.  There are a myriad of details, people and processes required to get your manuscript from the concept stage to final publication.  Many of those details and processes are designed to increase your chances for publishing success and improve your bottom line potential.

You’re going to invest a significant amount of your time, energy and money into writing and producing your book, so you want to ensure it is fully integrated into your business.  Having worked with numerous executives and business professionals to take their book from manuscript idea to bookstore shelves, I understand fully that your book will be a business asset, not just a glorified business card.

As your publishing consultant, part of my role is to be your project manager, overseeing the multitude of details and managing the various people involved so you can focus on your writing and other day-to-day priorities.  I will be your guide and central point of coordination as well as your liaison with the publisher.  I will also provide general publishing strategy and development, marketing, and public relations counsel to assist you in taking your book from draft manuscript to published book.

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