Grassroots Marketing for Authors and Speakers
by Shel Horowitz

A thorough and readable guide to book marketing for authors who publish traditionally, who self-publish, or who use a subsidy publisher (sometimes incorrectly called a "self-publishing company"). Also great for small to medium-sized publishers of other authors. This book covers not only bookstore marketing but many other areas that may be more profitable.

  • Two complete, full-length marketing plans actually prepared for paying customers.
  • Seven different types of book-promotion websites, with plusses and minus of each (and several examples)
  • Two entire chapters on understanding bookstores and making them work
  • 14 press releases/pitch letters
  • 24 Amazon and Google strategies
  • Success stories from at least 41 ordinary authors and publishers and industry experts
  • 17 pages of resources & much more!
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